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Star Wars Rebels WonderCon Panel Recap

Today was the “Behind the Scenes of Star Wars Rebels” panel at WonderCon that featured Dave Filoni, Vanessa Marshall, art director Kilian Plunkett, and later music composer Kevin Kiner. Some pretty cool stuff was shown and revealed there, and while you can check out the new clip with Hera here, and the new behind the scenes video with Kevin Kiner here, below is a recap of some of the other highlights from the panel, with some new info revealed by Dave Filoni and Killian Plunket:
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-Star Wars Rebels will have a more uniform look than the Clone Wars did.

– A lot of different species were considered for Hera and Sabine. Including Zabraks, Ithorians, and Togrutas.

-In regards to Disney now owning Lucasfilm Dave Filoni had this to say: “ I want everyone to know that Star Wars is still in the same hands it’s always been.”

-Killian Plunkett said there will be more space battles in Rebels than Clone Wars.

-The series will focus on the same core characters, and Hera will be in every episode of Season 1.

-The animation style will be more “animated” looking, and less life like than The Clone Wars.

-On the feel visually for Rebels, Killian Plunkett says, “Clone Wars tended to be very somber and dark. This is much happier, pop-ier stuff that still fit in very much with the established language of Star Wars.”

On the tone of Rebels, Dave Filoni says, “We want to give you the most authentic Star Wars as you’ve come to expect.”

-We’ll hear about Coruscant in Rebels, though we will not see it.  But there will be“Plenty of cool Imperial destinations.”

-And at the end of the panel a family of Cosplayers dressed as the crew of the Ghost appeared on stage, where Dave Filoni said, “Already? Uh… Hope you enjoy the show.”


With every new panel, info, clip and behind the scenes video we get for “Star Wars Rebels,” the series just keeps looking better and better, and I  just can’t wait for the series to premier this fall!



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