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Some New Rumored Plot Details For Star Wars Rebels

Over on the latest Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast, they are reporting some new details about the plot of Star Wars Rebels that is expected to be revealed at the New York Comic Con, as well as when exactly the series will take place in between Episodes III and IV. Here are those new details from the podcast:

-The series is set to take place 7 or 8 years after Revenge of the Sith

– The Empire is gaining ground and come to a planet to set up a base

-Some teenagers there don’t fall in line with the Empire, but some of their parents do, and they go with it to become good citizens of the Empire.

-These teenagers go on the run on the newly revealed main ship of the series, the Ghost

-The title Rebels refers to the teenagers as both being part of the Rebel Alliance, or the seed  that will grow on to be the Rebel Alliance.

As always, these new details should be treated as rumors until we hear the official plot synopsis from Lucasfilm, which will hopefully be soon at the New York Comic Con panel.

You can hear the full report about these new details over at the Bleeding Cool Movie Podcast, where they start the Star Wars Rebels talk at the 23:40 mark.


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