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Dave Filoni Talks Rebels In A New Interiview With The LA Times

The LA Times was able to talk to Dave Filoni about “Star Wars Rebels” in a new interview, where talks about how the series will be different than “The Clone Wars,” and what he hopes the series will be for new fans and long-time fans. Here are some of the more interesting points from Dave’s interview about Rebels:
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“The same team of people in lead roles making ‘Clone Wars’ is going to be responsible for making ‘Rebels. Not many people seem to have grasped that. To me, there aren’t as many differences as people thought as far as the people making these shows.”

“In ‘Rebels,’ you’ll be in scenarios where you hear things have taken place that are furthering the story, but you won’t be watching those politics unfold. It’s on a more human level.”

Also, don’t expect to see the kind of lightning-quick lightsaber battles that defined “Clone Wars” and the prequel films. The mystical powers of the Force will be taking a back seat in the new series. “I think that we all agree what we liked about the Force in the original films was it was a less-is-more scenario.”

“The biggest thing is you want older fans to watch and say, ‘Wow that looks like “Star Wars,”‘ and I want the younger fans who have never experienced it before to experience it the way I experienced ‘A New Hope,'”


For the full interview with Dave Filoni, head on over to The LA Times.

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