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Dave Filoni Discusses The Yoda Arc With StarWars.Com

To say that the Yoda arc was a good arc of “The Clone Wars” would be a massive understatement. Not only was it one of the best arcs of the entire series, but one of the best Star Wars stories ever told. Well to give us a little more insight on how this story came about, the Official Star Wars Blog has posted a short interview with Dave Filoni, where he talks about developing this story about Yoda with George Lucas. Here’s a portion of the interview:
[blockquote cite=] Of all Star Wars characters, George Lucas seems to be very protective of Yoda, especially putting him out there alone. Can you talk about how this story came to be, and what it was like working with George on the Yoda arc?

Dave Filoni: We tried to do a story with Yoda almost every year, but it didn’t happen. Yoda is such an important character that we would be evolving the story and go, “You know, Yoda being in this, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s not a big enough obstacle for him. If he’s there, I don’t believe this is as much of a problem.” So that’s why he’s relegated to the Council a lot, unfortunately.

We finally landed on this big story, which in some ways is connected to the Mortis trilogy that we did. It’s kind of the other side of that coin, where Yoda gets directly involved in the bigger questions about the Force. George and I would discuss this story all the time, because it’s Yoda, and it’s very important to him, and I wanted to make sure we got it right. So I was always asking George things about Yoda, how he would behave, what he would do and what he would question.

What you get out of this story arc is that you understand, finally, that Yoda in the Clone Wars period is not at all the same person that he is in The Empire Strikes Back. People, I think, have always wondered, “Why [in The Clone Wars] isn’t he like he was in Empire? He’s not as odd, and he’s not as quizzical. Why is he so much more serious in the Clone War and where’s the fun little Yoda who was wise?” Well, he’s not there yet, you see. The story that we tell goes a very long way toward explaining who Yoda is prior to the Clone War and who he becomes after the Clone War.

Dave gives some great insight in this interview about how Yoda goes through some big changes in this arc that not only affects him, but the future of the Jedi as well. Be sure to check out the full interview over at the Official Star Wars Blog.

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