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The Complete Chronological Episode Order Of The Clone Wars

With the complete “Clone Wars” series now on Netflix, it easier for fans to not only watch all the episodes than ever before, but also in any way they want to watch them, including in chronological order. The early seasons of “The Clone Wars” were all over the place as far as when in the timeline episodes took place, but to help make things easier for fans who want to watch the series on Netflix in chronological order, Lucasfilm’s Holocron Keeper Leeland Chee has sent out some tweets that provide the correct order to watch “The Clone Wars” chronologically. Here are those tweets:


So for anyone who’s planning to watch the whole series again, or even for the first time, these tweets are definitely a great and convenient guide to know what episodes to watch first if you want to experience the series in chronological order. Thanks goes to Leeland Chee for tweeting those out.

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