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“Through Imperial Eyes” Preview

The official preview for this week’s new episode of “Star Wars Rebels” titled “Through Imperial Eyes” has been sent to us from Lucasfilm, where Thrawn looks to snuff out the rebel spy within the Empire!

You can check out the official description, some new images, and a great new clip where Agent Kallus sees first hand Thrawn’s combat skills, and an old “Clone Wars” character makes his Rebels debut!
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Thrawn Closes In On Fulcrum In The Next Episode of “Star Wars Rebels”

Fearing that the identity of a rebel spy will soon be discovered by the Empire, the rebels launch a plan to rescue the spy before he is caught.

Catch Grand Admiral Thrawn in an all-new episode of “Star Wars Rebels” this SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25 (8:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD.







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