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The Clone Wars Seasons One Through Six Original Soundtrack Coming November 11th!

While November 11th is already gonna be a great day for “Clone Wars” fans with the release of “The Lost Missions” on Blu-ray, that date got even better, as both Amazon and iTunes have “Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Seasons One Through Six/Original Soundtrack)” listed to be released on November 11th as well! The soundtrack will include 28 tracks composed by Kevin Kiner, and is priced at $9.99 on iTunes, and $9.49 over at Amazon. You can check out the full track list below.


1. Ahsoka Saves Anakin

2. Plo Koon

3. Rodia

4. Padme

5. Victory on Ryloth

6. Jedi Master Aayla Secura

7. Jedi Master Luminara

8. Anakin Wants Her Alive

9. Padme and Ahsoka

10. Plo Koon Alone

11. Death of a Master

12. Maul, Savage and Viszla

13. Obi Wan and Satine

14. Ventress the Nightsister

15. Kit Fisto Duels Grievous

16. The Clones

17. Youngling Jedi

18. Anakin and Padme

19. Anakin Sees His Future

20. Darth Maul Breaks Obi Wan

21. Maul and Savage Duel Palpatine

22. The Mandalorians of Death Watch

23. Jedi Eulogy

24. Rouge Jedi

25. Ahsoka’s Fall

26. Ahsoka Leaves

27. Duel in the Jedi Temple

28. Yoda’s Journey Ends

You can pre-order the the soundtrack right now on both Amazon and iTunes.

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