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Episode Titles & Credits For The Next Two Episodes Of Star Wars Rebels

The latest issue of Star Wars Insider that’s starting to hit mailboxes has the latest details for the next two episodes of “Star Wars Rebels,” where they reveal those episode’s titles and credits. You can check out the titles and credits for the episodes below, courtesy of Rebels Report:
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“Path of the Jedi”

Directed by Dave Filoni
Written by Charles Murray

“Idiot’s Array”

Directed by Steward Lee
Written by Kevin Hopps


Rebels Report also points out that “Idiot’s Array” was an Expanded Universe term used for a rare hand in a game of Sabacc, so it should be interesting to see if the crew of the Ghost will be taking part in some Sabacc games in this episode, and if maybe they’ll run into a familiar character who lost his ship in a game of Sabacc!

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