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Taylor Gray Talks About His Role As Ezra In A New Interview

IGN’s Eric Goldman has posted a new interview with Taylor Gray, who voices Ezra on “Star Wars Rebels,” where they discuss his relationships with the other crew members of the Ghost, his unique weapon, and even teases an upcoming episode about the character’s past. You can check out a portion of the interview below:
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IGN: What’s the dynamic like between Ezra and Kanan as we move forward?

Taylor Gray: It’s great because Ezra is a rebel on his own and Kanan is sort of a rebel Jedi, because he’s a little unorthodox. It’s not the path that all Jedi have gone down. So I think that they connect on that level. Neither of them have done things the way that one in their same position would do things, if that makes any sense at all. And they hit it off because Ezra also has never had a real connection or family or someone who really cared for him and Kanan sees someone who is so much like him and he wants to help him out in any way possible. So I think that makes them at least the strongest relationship that Ezra has, because he also needs something from Kanan, which is pretty cool.

IGN: Your character is given a unique weapon for Star Wars, with the slingshot.

Taylor Gray: People have been really attracted to that and talking about it because it is new. It’s not Robin Hood, but a different kind of weapon than we’ve ever seen in Star Wars, because we’re all used to the all-handy light saber. I think it fits him and it suits him perfectly because he’s done everything on his own. So it’s a natural weapon for a young kid that is maneuverable and has easy access and can do the amount of damage… He’s never had to kill someone, so it does what he needs it to do to get whatever job done. So I think it’s very cool. I like anything new and innovative and the fact that Ezra gets it fits him perfectly.

IGN: We get a pretty good idea in the first episode of what Ezra’s been up to when we see him stealing on the street and then we get that glimpse of where he’s been living and the stolen stormtrooper helmets. Do we learn a little bit more about what life was like for him prior to meeting up with these guys?

Taylor Gray: There is a pretty vital episode which, I don’t even need to ask, I know I can’t give anything away. But his parents, everyone’s parents, that’s a big issue. It explains a lot. They talk about what happened to them and that whole situation, so that is all revealed. But also in episodes leading up to it, there are little, as conversations go, hints at how he kind of had to fend for himself before this all started. But I think it’s a good entry point in the pilot where you see what he does without it being explained a whole lot. That’s kind of been his life.


It’s good to hear that we won’t be left in the dark too long about who Ezra’s parents are, as it sounds like we should be getting an episode that deals with that question soon.

Be sure to check out the full interview with Taylor Gray over at IGN.

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