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Six New Pieces Of Star Wars Rebels Art Debut Online

In a Cool way to promote Star Wars Rebels, Lucasfilm announced today that they will be doing a special mailing campaign, where 2500 fans around the world will receive something special in the mail. A six-pack limited edition set of cards that feature artwork by Lucasfilm animation artist  Amy Beth Christenson, and will showcase more Imperial propaganda from the Empire!

Lucasfilm has revealed these new images via six different online sites that debuted one of the six images exclusively. You can check out the cool new images and where they made their online debut below:

Empire Online                                             IGN

Empire Online Img    tfnempiremailer                                        IGN REB_IA_1208_WM-610x915





Mashable                                 Omelete                              ET Online

Mashable REB_IA_1206-426x640Omelete Rebels-poster-04Fev2014ET Online set_Star_Wars_Rebels_Lucasfuilm_140204_rev1





The artwork for these cards are really cool. I’m loving the Imperial propaganda style posters that Lucasfilm has been using to showcase the Empire in the series, and these are the best ones yet. It’s also great to see the different kinds of Imperial troops represented in the cards. Hopefully seeing Scout Troopers and Snowtroopers featured on them means we’ll be seeing those troopers in the series as well!

These cards will be extremely rare, but if you are one of the 2500 fans to received them, these will no doubt be one of the coolest Star Wars collectibles in your collection! May the force be with you.

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