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RUMOR: Will The Clone Wars Bonus Content Be Released Through Apple TV Devises?

Over at the site Jedi News, the guys there are hearing reports from their sources that Apple TV devises might be the future home of new Star Wars content, including the remaining Clone Wars “Bonus Content” episodes. Here is part of the report from Jedi News.

[blockquote cite=]”This being something entirely new to the Star Wars franchise, and with the source also being new we got our Bothan spies to dig into the rumour and try to substantiate the facts.

Our source told us the following:

“A Disney branded app for Star Wars will launch on Apple TV devices, with plans to distribute the final Clone Wars episodes exclusively digitally only through the Apple TV device for a limited period of time. This will happen in this holiday season.

In 2014, plans are in an early stage to use the platform to deliver SW7 production news ‘live’ from the sets, followed with Star Wars Rebels in late 2014 taking us all the way through to SW7 release.”

The source followed this up with the following:

“Distribution will only be on Apple TV devices capable of running iOS7 and there has been no confirmation if the same app will be available to other iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone.”

With Disney launching a number of ‘channels’ on Apple TV including Disney Channel, and Disney XD (future home of Rebels) what started as a rumour sent into Jedi News suddenly looks like a distinct possibility. Whilst we can’t know for certain, there is certainly enough smoke here, to suggest there is a fire – and we could be about to see a whole new way to access and consume Star Wars content. As always, this is all just rumour and nothing is fact until announced by Lucasfilm, Disney or their respective partners – but it remains fun to speculate…


Of course like the report said, this should still be treated as a rumor until we hear something official from Lucasfilm or Disney. But if the remaining Clone Wars episodes do release this way, it definitely fits in the “Out of the box” category that Pablo Hidalgo mentioned at Celebration Europe.

For the full report, head on over to Jedi News.

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