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Kanan: The Last Padawan Comic Announced At NYCC 2014

While we got a little peek inside Kanan’s back story as a Jedi in “A New Dawn,” we’re about to learn a lot more about his past with the just announced “Star Wars Rebels” tie-in comic, “Star Wars- Kanan: The Last Padawan”!

This new ongoing title from Marvel was announced today at the New York Comic Con during the “Cup O’ Joe Panel” with Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, and will be written by “Star Wars Rebels” season 1 Executive Producer Greg Weisman, with art by Pepe Larraz. The book will release in April 2015, and is set to tell the story of Kanan as a young Padawan, where we’ll we see him survive Order 66, and be on the run from the Empire. has posted an interview with Greg Weisman where he talks about the new book, and you can check out a portion of it below:
[blockquote cite=] How will STAR WARS – KANAN: THE LAST PADAWAN’s look into our hero’s past most impact his present?

Greg Weisman: Well, it’s more about informing his present rather than impacting it. But I think when you get this back story, you’ll see—especially as the television series continues into the recently announced season two—that it has a clear influence on his actions.  Beyond that: NO SPOILERS. What kind of tone are you using here, in terms of the Clone Wars timeframe of impending doom for all the Jedi?

Greg Weisman: The tone is slightly darker than the television series because it covers an extremely dark time. But from my point of view, nothing has changed, and the tone I’m always going for is that of Episodes IV and V. What will we see are Kanan’s greatest needs in terms of training? And what’s his relationship like with his master, Depa Billaba?

Greg Weisman: We’ll see Kanan train to be a Jedi. And then we’ll see him train specifically not to be a Jedi anymore. His relationship with Master Billaba is warm and wry.



While there have been questions as to why Greg Weisman will not be working on the second season of “Star Wars Rebels,” his involvement with “Kanan: The Last Padawan” is probably a contributing factor as to why that is. But it’s great that he’s still going to be involved with writing stories for one of the characters he helped develop for the series, which will no doubt be great for us fans to learn more about Kanan’s past, and in turn give more depth to the character as we watch him in the series. This is one new “Star Wars” comic I cant wait to get my hands on!

You can check out Marvel’s full interview with Greg Weisman over at

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  • Mark Monahan

    This looks great, Kanan has a great idea for a backstory, It would be nice to see the epic order 66 story seen through a young padawans eyes.

    December 17, 2014 at 9:50 am
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