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Dave Filoni Talks Season 5 In A New Interview

IGN’s Eric Goldman conducted a great new interview with Dave Filoni that was posted today, where talks about every arc in season 5, why the Clovis arc got removed from this season, and briefly talks about the future of the series. While he really didn’t share any new information, here’s what he told Eric Goldman about the future of the show:

[blockquote cite=]IGN: There are so many questions, obviously, about the future of the show, but back last summer at Celebration, you talked about work being done on Season 6. We know that there are completed episodes that we haven’t seen. Might we get an announcement one way or the other about when and where we’ll be seeing that, any time soon?

Filoni: [Laughs] Well, that’s the interesting part, this wait-and-see thing, I know, for fans. But there are more stories to tell, and as I’ve said, we’ve been working on them for awhile. I’ll be excited when we can share more details with you about that, but at this point, there isn’t really much I can say. Unfortunately, that’s all I can say. Sadly, for you guys. [Laughs] I see cool stuff every day… it’s totally unfair!

IGN: That’s very encouraging, because there are some more extreme rumors saying, “The show is over!” But I kept thinking, “But they’ve been making episodes, so that can’t be the case!”

Filoni: Right? Always in motion is the future. This is where I can be very vague and quizzical. [Laughs][/blockquote]

You definitely want to check out the full interview IGN conducted with Dave Filoni in the link below.


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