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Saw Gerrera Is Coming To Star Wars Rebels!

Some very cool bit of “Star Wars Rebels” news has been uncovered today by the guys over at Rebels Reactions on Twitter, via Star Wars News Net, and it fits very nicely with this being the opening weekend of “Rogue One”!

Saw Gerrera is coming to “Star Wars Rebels” this season! It was discovered on a new poster at Toys R Us that puts Saw in the forefront, and is looking much closer to his appearance in “Rogue One” than when we last saw him in animation on the “Clone Wars.” You can check out the poster in the tweet below from Rebels Reactions.

It makes total sense that Saw would appear in Rebels, and now that he is, I’m hoping we maybe see how his body got so damages in “Rogue One,” and more of why he’s viewd as such  an extremist.

Hopefully we’ll get more official details from Lucasfilm about Saw showing up in Rebels once the second half of season three gets going!

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