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The Clone Wars To Air In Chronological Order in Syndication

During the original airings of the first three seasons of “The Clone Wars,” the episodes during those seasons had a habit of jumping all over the series’ timeline, where we would sometimes see episodes in season three that were actually prequels to episodes from season 1. While this my have caused for some confusion as to when certain stories take place in the overall Clone Wars timeline, we will finally be able to see the story of the Clone Wars play out in chronological order, when the series starts airing in syndication this fall.

Over at the official Star Wars Blog, Leland Chee (keeper of the Holocron at Lucasfilm) revealed that when the series starts airing in syndication, the first episode to be shown will be “Cat And Mouse” from season 2, which is the episode that takes place first chronologically in “The Clone Wars” timeline. It will then be followed by “Hidden Enemy” from season 1, and then “Clone Cadets” and “Supply Lines” from season 3.

I think this is a great way for the series to air in syndication, as it will be a fresh way to watch these episodes on T.V. again, and it will be nice to see just when exactly all these episodes took place in the overall Clone Wars timeline.

Be sure to check out the official Star Wars blog for more information on “The Clone Wars” timeline with these episodes, as well as information as to how much time has passed since the end of “Attack of the Clones,” to when the first story of “The Clone Wars” series takes place. Also be sure to check back with official Star Wars blog for future updates on “The Clone Wars” timeline, when more episodes continue to air in syndication.

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