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Hear Sam Witwer Read An Excerpt From The New Novel “Maul: Lockdown”

“Clone Wars” fans get one more chance to hear Sam Witwer give another brilliant performance as Darth Maul, as Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive excerpt from the new novel “Maul: Lockdown” read by Sam Witwer himself. Much like they did with James Arnold Taylor for the “Kenobi” novel, Entertainment Weekly has partnered up with Sam Witwer and Rebel Force Radio’s Jimmy Mac to produce an audio excerpt from the novel, where not only will you hear Sam as Darth Maul again, but also as Darth Sidious, whom he played in “The Force Unleashed” games.

Once you hear this audio excerpt, it will make you hope that this wont be the last time we hear Sam Witwer voicing these characters.

Be sure to check out the audio of the excerpt over at Entertainment Weekly.

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