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Celebration Europe II: Highlights From Secrets Of The Clone Wars Panel

One of the most anticipated panels from Celebration Europe II that I was looking forward to hearing about, was the Secrets Of The Clone Wars with Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo, Fortunately for fans who couldn’t attend the event, the good folks over at Star Wars UnderWorld were able to tweet out some highlights of the panel, which will no doubt both excite, and disappoint some Clone Wars fans with some of the stuff Dave revealed at the panel. Here are the highlights:
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Filoni just described a rejected story concept for how TCW would tie into ROTS! Was ultimately rejected by GL

Filoni tried multiple times to have Ahsoka riding a wolf during TCW

There was going to be a Yoda/Wookiees arc…

Just saw a very early animation from Wookiees arc…wow! This would have been cool!

Ventress story was going to get “very dramatic”

Hidalgo says elements from live action series have been hinted at since season 2 of Clone Wars

Hidalgo stresses that even though we may not see stories as Clone Wars episodes, they may show up in another film

Filoni hints that Sith temple is from Yoda arc!

Looking at concept art of Jedi sisters from order 66 bonus content trailer!

Plo Koon is getting a character model update!

Former Chancellor Valorum to appear inBonus Content!

Cad Bane’s ship to appear in Bonus Content!

Going to Tatooine, Tusken Raiders involved

Hidalgo says they are still working on how to distribute Bonus Content, may be outside the box, could include unfinished animation

Filoni: Yoda and Anakin have a more personal connection

Filoni: There is a scene that deals with repercussion of end of season 5. Unsure of if it will be seen…

Filoni says he didn’t put many EU characters in the series, because he didn’t want to change them too much

Filoni suggested wrapping the series up during timeline of ROTS, audience would see what other characters were doing during the film

Filoni says he’s surprised at how much fans love Zillo Beast. However, no plot was ever finalized for cloned Zillo…

Filoni: Lots of clone action coming up, probably not Republic Commandos, though…


There’s definitely some cool stuff to look forward to in the “Bonus Content” that’s for sure, but it’s also a bit disappointing to know some of the cool stuff they had planned, but now we wont get to see on The Clone Wars. But at least Dave was able to share with the fans some of the ideas they had for future stories, and not just keep them secret for awhile. I’m also encouraged about the idea of some of the unused stories showing up in future films!

Thanks to the Star Wars Underworld for providing the highlights of the panel.

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