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New Clone Wars Arc Screening At Celebration Anaheim!

“The Clone Wars” isn’t quite finished yet! Today it was announced over at that another new unfinished arc from the series will be shown at Celebration Anaheim on Friday, April  17th at 12pm, and will also feature a live Q&A with Dave Filoni, Dee Bradley Baker, and writers Brent Friedman and Matt Michnovetz.

The arc being screened is called “Bad Batch,” and will tell the story of how Captain Rex and company rescued Echo, who Dave Filoni revealed in a piece of concept art last year was still alive. “Bad Batch” will be shown as a story reel, similar to how the Utapau arc was shown a few months ago on, but will have full finished voice acting done by Dee Bradley Baker.

Can Celebration Anaheim possibly get any better?! We knew we were gonna see new stuff for “The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars Rebels,” but to also see some new “Clone Wars” is just icing on already delicious cake! “The Bad Batch” screening is definitely going to be highlight of Celebration Anaheim that is not going to be missed!

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