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Zeb Orrellos Offcially Revealed!

(Update: Lucasfilm has sent us some more info on Zeb, as well as two new images.)

The newest official reveal video of the heroes of Star Wars Rebels has been announced today, and this time it’s for Zeb Orrellos! IGN has the exclusive first look at the character, where it’s revealed he will be voiced by Steve Blum, who has worked on a lot of different animated series and videogames. Below is the announcement video and some info about Zeb from IGN ansd Lucasfilm:

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Every team needs a tough guy. Introducing Zeb, the (smart) muscle of the Ghost crew from Lucasfilm’s upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels. He is revealed for the first time in this video, featuring concept art, clay sculpts, and final renderings of the character, in addition to creator interviews.

Zeb is a well-trained honor guard and is highly educated, according to executive producer Dave Filoni, which juxtaposes his brutish, alien appearance. He’s voiced by Steve Blum, who says, “He’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulder, hates Chopper and is starting to build a relationship with Ezra, begrudgingly.”

Zeb’s favorite pastime: beating up Stormtroopers, or bucket heads, as he’s heard calling them. He’s an agile fighter, using his hands, feet, and acrobatics. But there is more to Zeb than pounding Imperials. “It’s just going to be exciting to develop him and his bizarre new species,” says Filoni, “and to explain to the audience where he came from.”

Zeb is a tough, seasoned and very intelligent member of the Rebels crew. As for what Star Wars alien race Zeb is, you’ll learn more about that on the series, because Zeb comes from a never before seen species – though big Star Wars fans will recognize Zeb’s basic look. Star Wars Rebels executive producers Dave Filoni, Greg Weisman, Simon Kinberg and their collaborators are taking a major influence from the beloved work of Ralph McQuarrie on the original Star Wars trilogy, including tons of early concept art McQuarrie did for the films, and Zeb’s appearance is heavily influenced by McQuarrie’s initial ideas for what Chewbacca might look like. Though rest assured, Zeb had an attitude and demeanor all his own…




Much like it was speculated, Zeb is indeed going to be the Chewbacca character of the group, and is indeed based off the early Ralp McQuarrie designs. But Zeb looks like he’ll do more damage to Stormtroopers than we saw Chewie do!

Four characters down, two to go. We’ll see if we get the reveal videos for Sabine and Hera within the next for days, but for the full article on Zeb, head on over to IGN.

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