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Freddie Prinze Jr Talks Rebels At Disney’s Toy Fair Press Conference. New Image Revealed

(Update: You can now see a video of Freddie Prinze Jr talking about Star Wars Rebels at the Diseny presentation.)

Today at Toy Fair 2014, Disney held the final press conference of the event where they showcased all of their different properties, including Star Wars Rebels that featured an appearance by Freddie Prinze Jr, the voice of Kanan. Newsarama was able to attend the presentation and provide some highlights of what Freddie Prinze Jr had to say, as well as provide a new image that was shown featuring all the main characters of the show.

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Freddie Prinze Junior took the stage with two Stormtroopers to talk about the new toys. After looking at the LEGO “Ghost” ship, Prinze said that when he went to the audition, he didn’t know he was going in for a Star Wars show.

He walked in the door and said “is this ___ing Star Wars? You guys have to give me a minute” and left the room, collected himself, then came back in for the audition. His excitement about the show is palpable.

They shoot Rebels all together, Prinze said. They have about half of season one done now, and he said “when there’s a week we don’t record, I’m bummed out. I jones for it!”

Prinze did joke that they call Stormtroopers “Bucket heads” on the show, then did a Jedi Mind trick on them on stage saying “I’m not the Rebel you’re looking for” before leaving the stage.



Love the image revealed there, and love hearing the enthusiasm from Freddie Prinze Jr about the show, as it definitely sounds like he’s having a lot of fun working on the series!

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