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“Vision Of Hope” Preview

The official preview for next week’s new episode of “Star Wars Rebels” titled “Vision of Hope” has been sent to us from Lucasfilm, where you can check out two brand new clips from the episode, the official description, as well as some new images!
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When the rebels attempt to rescue the man who has been their voice of hope, they find an unexpected surprise awaits them in an all-new Star Wars Rebels episode, “Vision of Hope!”


In a coded transmission, Gall Trayvis announces a visit to Lothal to rally support against the Empire. But when the rebels realize he will be targeted by Imperials and attempt to rescue him, they discover a terrible truth.

 Ezra meets his hero and gets an unexpected surprise when Star Wars Rebels airs at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT Monday, February 2nd on Disney XD.












“Vision of Hope” airs next Monday, February 2nd, but is available to watch now if you have a Watch Disney XD account.

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