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Titles & Descriptions For Two More Episodes Of Star Wars Rebels Season 3

The second half of “Star Wars Rebels” is now officially underway with the airing of “Ghosts of Geonosis” tonight, and as a nice way to go along with that, we also got titles and descriptions revealed for two more episodes of season three from Jedi-Bibliothek via Star Wars News Net

You can check them out below:
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3 × 15: “Legacy of Mandalore” USA: February 18, 2017
In hoping to persuade her family to help the Rebels, Sabine returns home with Kanan and Ezra, and finds herself entangled in her family’s power struggle over Mandalore.

3 × 16: “Through Imperial Eyes” – USA: February 25, 2017
Fearing that the identity of a spy will soon be discovered by the Empire, the Rebels launch a plan to save him before he is caught.


It looks like Sabine’s story will be a two-part episode, as Trials of the Darksaber”airs before “Legacy of Mandalore,” but unfortunately it will be a month long wait between episodes, as Trials of the Darksaber” is set to air on January 21st. But if we do have to go through another long break, it sounds like from these descriptions that “Star Wars Rebels” will come back with two exciting episodes!

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