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Standalone Star Wars Movies To Be Origin Stories

We haven’t heard much news about the standalone Star Wars movies in awhile, but today over at Variety, they had a report that at a Disney investor conference, chief financial officer Jay Rasulo talked about how we’ll be seeing a new Star Wars movie every year starting with Episode VII in 2015, but the interesting part was that he also referred to the standalone movies as  “origin story films.” Here is the quote from Rasulo regarding Star Wars in the story from Variety:

[blockquote cite=]Rasulo also noted that one “Star Wars” trilogy film or “origin story film” would also appear on the release schedule each year, starting with the seventh installment in the “Star Wars” saga that J.J. Abrams will direct and Disney releases in 2015.[/blockquote]

While it has been widely expected that the standalone movies would focus on different characters from the Star Wars universe, this is the first time someone at Disney or Lucasfilm has referred to them as origin stories. Hopefully we’ll find out just what characters we’ll see origin stories for in these new movies soon.

For the full the article, where Jay Rasulo also talks about the different ways Disney will utilize the Star Wars license, head on over to Variety.

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