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Simon Kinberg Talks Star Wars Rebels At Comic Con

“Star Wars Rebels” Executive Producer Simon Kinberg did an interview with ComingSoon.Net from Comic Con, where he goes on to talk about working in the Star Wars universe, the arc they have planed for the series, and how it will fit with all the other Star Wars projects currently in development. Here is a portion of that interview:
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Coming Soon: Fingers crossed. And you have an arc all planned out that goes from the pilot until at least the first Star Wars?

Simon Kinberg: We do. We’ve planned out that arc. We were hyper focused on the first season, but we have a very clear sense on where the series links to A New Hope. And we’ve got an opportunity to bring in worlds and characters from other elements, like going to Kessel (which is featured in the pilot) which we’d heard about but never seen.

Coming Soon: Speaking to that point, one thing “Clone Wars” had was much of the time it was following characters, main characters, from the films and it was tied together that way. In “Rebels” you’ve created all new characters, without the baggage but also without the connection. Is that more difficult or freeing?

Simon Kinberg: Both. You don’t have the automatic connection with characters everyone already knows, but as an artist and a writer you get to build an entire identity for a character, which for a writer is the most fun thing. It’s kind of why I got into writing.

It might not just be prequel and “Clone Wars” characters finding new homes as Kinberg hinted some of the new “Rebels” characters could make their way into live action via the various spinoff films currently under development, some under Kinberg’s watch.

Simon Kinberg: There is a lot of synergy right now between animation and live action at Lucasfilm.


You can check out the full interview with Simon Kinberg over at ComingSoon.Net
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