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SDCC ’13: Highlights From Star Wars Comics: Here and Now Panel

While Star Wars wont have the biggest presence at this year’s Comic Con, the first main panel was held today for Star Wars comics, where the creators of the current Star Wars comics talked about what we can expect for future stories in the current ongoing titles, as well as some new titles that are coming up. On the panel were Jeremy Atkins, PR for Dark Horse, editor and writer Randy Stradley, artist Carlos D’Anda, Doug Wheatley, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Gabe Eltaeb, Zack Giallongo, and Brian Thies.

Below is a nice recap of the panel from Newsarama highlighting each title, as well as some new information revealed during the fan Q&A.
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Dawn of the Jedi

The next arc is called Force Wars, and Xesh joins the Je’dai in defense of the Tython system.There are enemies called the Flesh Raiders who kill and eat their enemies. That five-issue series starts in November. We more light sabers, flying rancors, and force powers.

Dark Times

A Spark Remains is the next arc, which has Vader in some hot water. “And there’s mushy stuff,” Stradley teased while showing a panel of a romantic scene. Wheatley, artist on the series said he loves that the protagonist gets to learn about who Darth Vader really is, what his power really is for the first time. “We’ve been talking about the events in this story since the start of Dark Times. And Vader gets his butt kicked! Kind of. Maybe.”

Star Wars

In an upcoming issue, Luke and Wedge sneak onto a Star Destroyer. “Everything goes off without a hitch – until it comes to getting off the ship,” teased Stradley. Luke and Leia will also be going back to Tattooine, where Luke has some unfinished business.

In another upcoming issue, Leia will pay a visit to the remains of Alderaan and “makes a terrifying discovery there.”

Star Wars: Ewoks

A new title that starts with a series called “Shadows of Endor.” There are Ewoks from both Return of the Jedi and from the cartoon series. It takes place right when the Empire has first landed and started to build. “There’s a legendary monster that has awakened due to the activities of the Empire,” said the writer. They also go up against thier rivals the Dulocks. A shot of an Ewok slamming an axe into a Stormtrooper’s head drew some gasps and excitement from the crowd.

Star Wars: Legacy

Featuring Ania Solo, the descendant of Han and Leia, who Hardman says is “a nobody in the Star Wars Universe” when they start off. The first arc ends “with big stuff that I don’t want to spoil!” The second arc will see her go out into the wider galaxy with her new compatriots, and she’ll meet up with characters from the previous Legacy series. “It’s set in the future, but we really want it to have that original Star Wars feel to it. The challenge is bringing that feel and sensibility even if the iconography isn’t exactly the same. It’s an enormous amount of fun.”

The Star Wars

Stradley and Dark Horse originally asked about adapting the original screenpalay ten years ago. It finally took someone asking George directly, Dark Horse making ten pages of a comic with no green light, and he loved it. “It’s a Star Wars you’ve never seen before.” The book begins in September, 2013.

Fan Q&A

Regarding the sell to Disney-“So far we haven’t experienced any changes. We are on pins and needles to hear what the future holds for the license. We will find out sometime this year. In the meantime we are going full speed ahead, and we have new projects lined up. We can tell you that we’ll be publishing at least through the end of 2014.”

The possibility of more Star Wars Invasion-“No plans for more Invasion at this time, but maybe if we keep the license. Tom Taylor is working on a new Star Wars project for us but we can’t announce it just yet. But it’s really awesome.”

New Clone Wars era books, or stories centered on Clone Troopers or Stormtroopers- A new Darth Vader series is coming that includes a Clone trooper as a main POV character.


As someone who loves to read Star Wars Comics, I’m definitely looking forward to reading the new story arcs that are coming up for some of these titles. In particular the new Darth Vader series that’s told through a Clone Trooper  point of view. And I have to say, the new Ewok title announced has got me intrigued, and I will definitely be checking that one out!

For a nice breakdown of the entire panel, you can check out the coverage over at Newsarama.

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