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New Clip From The Lost Missions Featuring Yoda

To go along with the announcement of “The Lost Missions” on Netflix, USA Today also has a great new article and clip that features Yoda and another well known Star Wars character! You can check out the awesome new clip and some more details about the arc from Dave Filoni below, but beware of spoilers if you do not want know anything about this arc.

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“The Lost Missions,” the 13-episode sixth season that’s coming to Netflix will deal with Ahsoka’s emotional exit from the Jedi order, which needs any and all Jedi and their lightsabers to deal with the growing threat of the evil Sith Lords and their apprentices.

One of the story arcs stars fan-favorite Jedi master Yoda (Tom Kane) and digs into what the Jedi believed about the nature of the Force during the time of the Clone Wars, how it worked and their relationship to its mysterious power.

Yoda will also be visited by the spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn, played by Liam Neeson in a reprisal of his Episode I — The Phantom Menace movie character.

“Without giving too much away, on one level you wonder why when Obi-Wan gets killed in (the original Star Wars film), he’s the one who vanishes,” Filoni said. “And then we see Yoda vanish when he dies (in Return of the Jedi). And yet in the prequels, none of the Jedi do that — why is that?”

Having Yoda be the star of the story is a departure from other tales in the overall Clone Wars saga, which featured new characters as well as those from the movies.

“We were always very careful about what we did with Yoda,” said Filoni, an executive producer on the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series. “We never wanted to overuse him or put him in too many situations just because we had him, but we really felt that we finally had a story and a reason for him to be in it that was good enough to warrant bringing the little guy out.”

That’s some pretty awesome stuff! The Yoda arc looks to cap off the series in an amazing way! “The Lost Missions” hit Netflix on March 7th

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