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Names Of The New Inquisitors Revealed

As we wait for season two to begin in just a little over two weeks, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the new Inquisitors revealed in the season two trailer. Well today we actually got a little more info on them, as the official Disney XD Star Wars Rebels site has revealed their names!

On the site where it has images of all the main characters, both the male and female Inquisitors are listed there, and they have the names of Fifth Brother, and Seventh Sister listed on their images.

InquisitorsNamedThis definitely raises some new questions about the Inquisitors. Are all of them referred to as brother and sister, and what do the numbers represent? Their rank, or maybe the order in which they became Inquisitors? And if that’s the case, just what was the number of the Inquisitor in season one?

Hopefully these questions will be answered and more information will be learned about these new Inquisitors at New York Comic Con next week, so stay tuned!

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