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Leia Organa To Be In Star Wars Resistance

After getting our first official look at “Star Wars Resistance” earlier today, some more character info has been released for the new series, including the reveal that another legacy character from the films will be appearing on the show. And that is none other than Leia Organa, who will now be voiced by actress Rachel Butera.

Also revealed today was a breakdown of names for the new characters we will be meeting in “Star Wars Resistance,” along with the actors who will be portraying them. You can check out that info below, via Entertainment Weekly:
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Jarek Yeager- Played by Scott Lawrence

Tam Ryvora- Played by Suzie McGrath

Neeku- Played by Josh Brener

Torra Doza- Played by Myrna Velasco

Hype Fazon- Played by Donald Faison

Flix- Played by Jim Rash

Orka- Played by Bobby Moynihan


While it’s not a huge surprise to learn that Leia will be in “Star Wars Resistance,” it is great to have that confirmed before going into the series, as a show titled “Star Wars Resistance” wouldn’t feel right if it didn’t have the founder and leader of the resistance play a role in the series!

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