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Hera Is Officially Revealed!

(Update: You can now see Hera’s reveal video here, as well as some new images and info about her sent to us from Lucasfilm!)

It’s been great getting introduced to all the main characters of Star Wars Rebels over the two weeks, but today the final main character has been officially revealed, and it is finally our introduction to Hera the Twi’lek, the captain of the Ghost! Entertainment Weekly had the officially reveal this time, where it was announced that actress Vanessa Marshall will providing the voice of the Hera, and like all the other character reveals, there’s a new behind the scenes video to introduce us to the character. Below is the Hera’s reveal video, as well as some words from the production crew and Vanessa Marshall about what kind of character she will be amongst the crew of the Ghost:

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Star Wars Rebels: Meet Hera, the Pilot

Hera is the heart of the Ghost crew from Star Wars Rebels. The Twi’lek is an ace pilot, able fighter, and is revealed to fans in this behind-the-scenes video featuring creator interviews, character sketches, and animation previews.

Hera is voiced by Vanessa Marshall, and is an especially gifted pilot. “I think she really makes flying the Ghost look easy,” says Joel Aron, CG supervisor. And while she’s strong-willed, Hera also keeps the group together, and can be warm and nurturing. “She knows how to talk to them to get the best out of themselves and to be part of that team,” Aron says. “That to me is the commander of a ship.”

Hera wears “utilitarian flight gear,” orange in color, with her Twi’lek head-tails hanging down her back. She’s not particularly glamorous, and is just focused on getting the job done. Like every member of the Ghost team, she has her reasons for rebelling against the Empire. Uncovering those reasons will be part of the Star Wars Rebels story, says executive producer Dave Filoni.

“Every time we get a script,” says Marshall, “I am breathless with anticipation. I cannot wait to read what’s next because I want to see where we’re going, too.






After seeing the video, I did find it interesting that no one referred  to her as Hera Syndulla. Perhaps they still want to keep her back story and possible connection to Cham Syndulla a surprise. But Hera looks to be another great character for Star Wars Rebels, and now that we finally know the whole group of main characters of the series, I’m looking forward to seeing them all interact with each other when the show premieres later this year!

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