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Dave Filoni Talks About The Legacy of Ahsoka In A New Interview

While its already been two weeks since the season 5 finale of “The Clone Wars” aired on television, there’s still plenty to talk about with what happened in that episode, as well as for what happened during the entire season. Well Geoff Boucher, from, recently had a chance to talk with Dave Filoni about season 5, as well as his thoughts about what kind of legacy Ahsoka will have in the Star Wars universe.

[blockquote cite=]ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There must be a jumble of emotions these days on a number of fronts but talk a bit about the character of Ahsoka and how the finale and her fate resonate for you.

DAVE FILONI: As we kept writing the character of Ahsoka we knew it would be — well, I don’t want to say an uphill struggle — but we knew it would be a challenge to place a character like her in the midst of the Anakins and Obi-Wans of the Star Wars universe. It was a spot we would definitely have to earn for her and judging by the reaction to last Saturday’s episode it seems that everybody here, and especially Ashley [Eckstein], was able to make it happen. It was a situation where at first [fans were] like “Why is this kid here?” And now, five years later, people are like, “Wait – why is she leaving?” They were sad about it. So that was kind of good for us to see in the reaction.[/blockquote]

You can check out the full interview with Dave Filoni in the link below

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