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James Arnold Taylor Talks Future Clone Wars Episodes & The Series Ending In A New Interview

IGN’s Eric Goldman recently had a chance to talk to James Arnold Taylor about his thoughts on “The Clone Wars” ending, what he thought of season 5 and the finale, as well as what we can expect to see in the upcoming episodes.

[blockquote cite=]IGN: I saw your statement, but now that a couple of more days have passed, how are you feeling about the show coming to an end?

James Arnold Taylor: You know, it’s one of those things that I’d love it to not be the case. I’d love to finish it the way we all imagined it would be done, and I think that’s probably the biggest bummer for all of us on the show or anybody working on it is we envisioned it would go a certain way. And any time something doesn’t, you just have to kind of deal with the consequences of that emotionally. I think it’s more so that other really than the thought that there isn’t any Clone Wars; just that it isn’t going to be the way that we thought. I really liked your piece as well. I thought it was a nice, positive look at that, for fans of Clone Wars, in that it shows everybody that there is more to come.

IGN: Is there anything you can say or tease that you’re particularly intrigued or excited for the audience to see as far as what we’ll get in these other episodes?

James Arnold Taylor: Wow, you know, there’s more Obi-Wan and Anakin to be discovered and in ways that we possibly haven’t seen before… But it’s still like what we get to by the beginning of Sith, that friendship and brotherhood. You see a lot more of that, and those were the ones that I was very excited about. I don’t think I’ll get in trouble for saying that; I hope not! At the same time, yeah, I think for fans that were saying, “More Obi-Wan, more Anakin,” there was and is more of them in the stuff that we’ve recorded.[/blockquote]

Be sure to check out the full interview with James Arnold Taylor in the link below.


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