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Titles For The First Six Episodes Of Star Wars Rebels Season 3

As if we weren’t excited enough for the season three premiere of “Star Wars Rebels” in two weeks, it’s time to get excited for the next few episodes after the season premiere, as the guys over at  Jedibibliothek have revealed the titles for the first six episodes of season three!

You can check out the titles and their air dates below, and while we already knew the title of the first two premiere episodes, the next four sound very intriguing!
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3×01-02: “Steps into Shadow, Parts 1 & 2″– USA: 9.24.2016

3×03: “The Holocrons of Fate”- USA: 10.01.2016

3×04: “The Antilles Extraction”– USA: 10.08.2016

3×05: “Hera’s Heroes”– USA: 10.15.2016

3×06: “The Last Battle”– USA: 10.22.2016


The episode titles that have me most intrigued and excited are “The Holocrons of Fate” and “The Last Battle.” “The Holocrons of Fate” will no doubt deal with the Force, which are episodes I always love, and will probably be an episode that features Darth Maul, as we already know from the trailer that he is trying to open the Sith Holocron with Ezra.

“The Last Battle” I think will be the episode we see Rex and the Ghost crew taking on some Battle Droids, as Dave Filoni revealed during an interview with IGN at Celebration Europe that that episode was going to be titled “The Last Battle of the Clone Wars,” and would be an important one for Ezra. But it looks like the title might have seen a slight change.

We don’t have to wait that much longer to see these episodes, as “Star Wars Rebels” season three kicks off in exactly two weeks on September 24th!

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