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Another Clone Wars Character Will Return In Star Wars Rebels

It looks like another character from “The Clone Wars” will be making their way onto “Star Wars Rebels” in season three, and this one has me really excited! Throwing out a small spoiler warning out there for those who want to be surprised and see the character for the first time when they watch the actual episode.

Minor Spoilers Below:

We learned today from Sci Fi Central Australia, via the guys over at Jedi News, that Katee Sackoff is returning as Bo-Katan in “Star Wars Rebels,” as the actress revealed today at Sydney Comic-Con saying that “she has just voiced her Star Wars role again for Rebels.”

We know already that Sabine will have a big role this season, and that we will learn more about her past and time at the Imperial academy on Mandalore, so it makes perfect sense that Bo-Katan would show up in an episode that deals with Sabine and Mandalore. Especially after learning in season two that Sabine is from House Vizsla.

Seeing Bo-Katan again as has me very excited, as not only was she a cool character from “The Clone Wars” that we’ll get to see again, but hopefully her appearance will shed some more light as to what happened after her battle with Darth Maul’s Mandalorian army.

Lots of stuff to be excited for in “Star Wars Rebels” season three, and hopefully we will get an official reveal of Bo-Katan’s return soon from Lucasfilm.


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