Rebels S3 Episode 19 – Zero Hour
28 Mar. 2017

Rebels S3 Episode 19 – Zero Hour

Mike and Matt are back to talk about the Star Wars Rebels season finale “Zero Hour!” They also talk even more Rogue One alternate ending nonsense. Plus we hear from you in the mailbag! All that and more on this all-new episode of The Rebels Podcast! Welcome to the Rebellion.

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3 Responses

  1. Lilin says:

    Guys I think you are fully aware of this, but it’s really annoying and confusing when you talk over each other for many sentences every time the delay screws with your pace… Maybe it’s just me but I’ve found this issue both here on the site and via mobile by downloading the podcast, so I’m fairly sure the problem is indeed with the recoding. You guys are lovely but way more so when I can hear what you say ^^

    • Michael J. Cohen says:

      It’s probably WAY too late for this reply, but hopefully you’ll be happy to know that we fixed the issue with the episode and re-uploaded it. Feel free to download it again. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  2. Cristi says:

    Hi, I found your podcast surfing the Internet and obviously guided by The Force.
    I am listening to the programs about Rebels and I think they are very good.
    I am learning the “basic” (hahaha) and I can hardly understand the natives in the language, however, you speak very well and help me with my practice in the language.
    Thank you for your work, greetings from Chile and may the force be with you

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