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New Star Wars Game Headed to Xbox Live Arcade

IGN has posted an article today, which revealed that there is going to be a brand new Star Wars game heading over to Xbox Live Arcade. The title of the game is being listed as “Star Wars: First Assault,” and while the article also gives us a look at the cover art for the game that’s being hosted on, no other information is being revealed about the game at this point, as it has not been officially announced by LucasArts just yet.

Going off of the image that was revealed as well as the title, I’m guessing the game may be similar in tone to the Battlefront series, or perhaps it may be a new first person shooter multiplayer game, which a lot of other Xbox live arcade games tend to be. But until the game is officially announced, we’ll just have to wait and see to find out exactly what kind of game “Star Wars: First Assault” is going to be. But I definitely like the idea of having a brand new Star Wars game coming to Xbox Live arcade, so stay tuned as we await more details about the game!

Source: IGN.Com

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