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The Clone Wars Season 7 New Trailer & Details From Celebration Chicago

“The Clone Wars” has now wrapped up it’s panel from Celebration Chicago, and it felt so good to have a panel again showcasing new episodes from this great show!

Dave Filoni was on hand to talk about the new episodes, along with Ashley Eckstein, Dee Bradley Baker, Sam Witwer, and later by the entire original cast.

Dave confirmed again that the final season will consist of twelve episodes, and we finally got confirmation on what those arcs will be. We already knew about The Siege of Mandalore being one of them to close out the series, but the other two will be the finished version of The Bad Batch arc, which was previously made available to see in its unfinished animation several years ago, and another arc focusing on Ahsoka after she left the Jedi Order, where she will find herself in the Coruscant underworld of 1313!

Ahsoka will meet two new characters at level 1313, two sisters named Trace and Raza, and her experience there will give her a new outlook on the galaxy, and will help shape her to the character we see her become in “Star Wars Rebels.”

Another bit of really cool information revealed by Dave Filoni about The Siege of Mandalore arc, is that he really wanted the duel between Ahsoka and Maul to be the best they ever done, and to achieve that, he got Ray Park to do the motion capture for Maul during that fight sequence, which just makes me even more excited to see that arc!

It of course wouldn’t be a “Clone Wars” panel without a new trailer and clips, and Dave Filoni did not disappoint in that department either! Three clips were shown, one from each arc, and a full length trailer that will be sure to bring your hype level up even further as we continue to wait to see the return of “Clone Wars”!

You can check out the clips and the trailer in the videos below taken from the live-stream via the Disneyland Experience channel, as they have not been released on their own yet.

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