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The Clone Wars Legacy Announced At!

“The Clone Wars” is not quite over yet! While this year we got to see “The Lost Missions” episodes of season 6 on Netflix, and got to read the “Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir” story from Dark Horse Comics, has just released something extremely cool with “The Clone Wars Legacy”! With this new section on, not only will fans get to see more from the Darth Maul arc and the upcoming Ventress story that’s becoming a novel, but we can now see a brand new arc about Anakin and Obi Wan on Utapau that’s not fully animated, but has the full vocal performance of Matt Lanter and James Arnold Taylor! Below you can check out a cool introduction video about “The Clone Wars Legacy” with Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo, and be sure to head on over to to check out the videos of the new Utapau arc!

This is definitely some unexpected but awesome news, and it’s just great to know that those at Lucasfilm still feel it’s important to get these unfinished “Clone Wars” stories told.

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