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The Characters Of Star Wars Rebels We Know Of So Far

This week we saw the official reveal of two of the main characters for Star Wars Rebels with Kanan and Ezra. But along with those reveals and with Toy Fair happening this weekend, we can probably expect to see more information and first looks at the other main characters of the show to be revealed soon.

There is an image that has come out recently for the Ghost LEGO set that showed four characters on the box of that set, but there is now a new picture of that same image from that box art that gives us a much better look at the characters, as well showing the two other characters who will be part of the crew of the Ghost, as well as confirm their names. Those characters being Zeb Orrellos and Hera Syndulla. These are the first two alien characters to be revealed as part of the main cast of characters for the show, and they do fit a previous description of them that was reported a few weeks ago.

Clone Wars fans will no doubt recognize the name Syndulla, as that was the same name as the Rebel freedom fighter on Ryloth named Cham Syndulla. Just what exactly the relationship is between Hera Syndulla and the rebel freedom fighter during the Clone Wars has yet to be revealed.

Zeb Orrellos looks to resemble the early Ralph Mcquarrie designs of Chewbacca, and is reported to be the trusty sidekick character of the series, much like Chewie was to Han in the original trilogy. But just who he plays the sidekick to exactly, is still a question to be answered.


So now with that information, let’s do a rundown of all the characters that have been fully revealed, or that we know about so far:
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The Inquisitor-

An agent of the Empire who is tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi.


The Astromech droid for the crew of the Ghost, who will be more of a grumpy droid than R2 was.

Kanan Jarrus-

A Jedi who has gone into hiding after the events of Order 66, and has forsaken the ways of the Jedi by keeping his past a secret.

Ezra Bridger-

A kid who grew up a con-artist and is force sensitive, but doesn’t quite understand the power he has. He will be mentored by Kanan in the ways of the force.

Hera Syndulla-

A Twi’lek who looks to have ties to Cham Syndulla of “The Clone Wars'”

Zeb Orrellos-

The Sidekick who looks to fill the Chewbacca role of the group.


So those are the six characters we know about so far, but we can be sure more reveals are on the way soon. In particular for  Zeb Orrellos and Hera Syndulla. While the four hero characters and Chopper look to be the main characters of the show, Greg Weisman did say in an interview with IGN this week that there will be a total of six characters that make up the group of Rebels for the series. He said, “We have a character who’s our focus character, and then five other characters that make up this group of six rebels.” So based off that quote, it looks like we can expect at least one more main character who has yet to be revealed by anyone.

Things are definitely picking up for Star Wars Rebels, and it’s really exciting! So make sure you keep it locked here at The Rebels Podcast for all latest news and updates about Star Wars Rebels!


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