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Teaser For The Star Wars Rebels Trailer

(Update: You can now watch the teaser right here!)

We only have to wait two more days now until the full “Star Wars Rebels” trailer premieres, but until then, Empire Online has a 15 second sneak peak at the trailer we’re going to get on May the 4th, as well as some words from Dave Filoni on the series. Here’s some of what Dave had to say:
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“I think it’s important that Rebels be its own thing,” said Filoni. “We created a monster in Clone Wars and there is a generation of kids now that love those characters, so you can imagine that when we’re in the story room I am pitching connections here and there. And to be honest [fellow executive producers] Simon [Kinberg] and Greg [Weisman] have watched Clone Wars and they are excited by it. Star Wars is such a universal thing. I think people would be disappointed if there wasn’t some connection, but at the same time I want the Star Wars Rebels characters to shine in their own right, and I want them to capture a new generation of fans as each, you know, moment in Star Wars storytelling does. They need their own space as well.”


To read more from Dave Filoni about Rebels and Episode VII, be sure to head on over to Empire Online.



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