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Star Wars Rebels: Spark Of The Rebellion DVD Listed At Amazon

While we’re still waiting to hear the exact premiere date for “Star Wars Rebels,” a listing over at Amazon may give us an idea as to when we may see the premiere of the series. Today Amazon listed a new DVD on it’s site titled, “Star Wars Rebels: Spark Of The Rebellion,” which according to Amazon, is set to release on  October 14th 2014.

Of course an official announcement from Lucasfilm or Disney hasn’t been made about any “Star Wars Rebels” home video releases, so the information Amazon has listed could very well change. But we know that the series is set to premiere on the Disney Channel in October, and while we don’t usually see a DVD of a TV series be released so close to the premiere, the date that Amazon has listed could give us an idea of when in October the series will premiere if the information it has listed is accurate.

Stay tuned as we’ll hopefully learn more information about this DVD release in the future.

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