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Some Possible New Star Wars Rebels Details Revealed

Making Star Wars and The have learned some possible new details about what we can expect to see in the premiere episodes of “Star Wars Rebels.” Some of this info is minor stuff that we’ve heard before, but there is some cool new stuff, including one big piece of information that should be considered a spoiler, as well as finding out who is voicing the Inquisitor. Here are the details from Making Star Wars:

Spoilers Below:

[blockquote cite=]

Ezra was born in the first year of the Empire.

Sabine has a way of making her explosions look beautiful.

A Devaronian named Vizago is an underground dealer/crime lord on Lothal.

Obi-Wan does appear in the pilot, but only as a holographic recording.

Kanan is in possession of a holocron.

Lots of Wookiees.

Ezra lives in a radio tower and collects stormtrooper helmets


From the The about who is voicing the Inquisitor and Agent Kallus role int the premiere:

[blockquote cite=]

Imperial agent Kallus is the main enemy of the two-episode series premiere, which also features Wookiees

The Imperial Inquisitor, whose voice has been a topic of intense conversation since he was first revealed, will be played by Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs.


Definitely some cool stuff. Especially if the report about Obi Wan appearing in the premiere is true! We’re just a few months away from “Star Wars Rebels,” and it can’t come soon enough! The more we learn about it, the more awesome it gets!

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