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Celebration VI: Highlights & Details From The Star Wars Detours Panel

Now that we finally got to see what Star Wars Detours will look like, some other info about the show was revealed today at Celebration VI. Here are some of the details that the developers of the show discussed today at the Star Wars Detours Panel:

[blockquote cite=]The series takes place in-between Episodes III and IV, and will be a comedic take on the Star Wars world.

The show will focus on what these characters do in their downtime during their mundane lives. Collaborator Todd Grimes describes the show with these questions: “Where do Gamorrean Guards grocery shop? Does Darth Vader do online dating? The answer is yes. We answer all these things.”

A lot of Star Wars Detours will be spent on Tatooine, including familiar locations like the Cantina and the Lars homestead.

Describing Darth Vader for the show, the producers joked that since the Galaxy is at peace during this time, Darth Vader is a bit restless. Matt Senreich said this about him, “He’s the guy cutting ribbons at the supermarket. He’s got nowhere else to be right now. He’s got nothing to do.”

Speaking about Jar Jar for the show, Seth Green says, “The places Jar Jar goes… will make you love Jar Jar.”

Seth Green, Matt Senreich and Todd Grimes said that the Falcon in the show was completely based off the original toy version, which is why we see the canopy opening up, and the removable table.

As for the voice actors in the show, it was announced that Billy Dee Williams will be back playing Lando for the series, along with Anthony Daniels as C-3PO, Catherine Taber as Princess Leia, and Ahmed Best as Jar-Jar. Zachary Levi will voice Biff Tarkin, Grand Moff Tarkin’s son, while Breckin Myer and Donald Faison will play the two Stormtroopers seen in the trailer. Dee Bradley Baker will also voice several characters in the series, including an old Clone Trooper who’s upset with the modern Stormtroopers (That sounds awesome!). Other voice actors announced were Abraham Benrubi, Cree Summers, Nat Faxon, Felicia Day and Weird Al Yankovic. Seth Green will be voicing Salacious Crumb

There was no exact air date or network announced for Star Wars Detours yet, but it will more than likely premiere in 2013.
So far with the trailer and clips shown, and the info revealed at the panel, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Star Wars Detours!

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