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Season Finale Episode Title Revealed

We only have two episodes left of the first season of “Star Wars Rebels,” and now it looks like we know the title for the final episode of this season. According to a listing over at Zap2it, they reveal that the season finale episode is titled “Fire Across the Galaxy,” and will air March 2nd on Disney XD.

The next new episode titled “Rebel Resolve” airs next Monday, February 16th, and the airing of “Fire Across the Galaxy” on March 2nd fits the current two week gap we’ve been getting lately for new episodes, and also fits in with when most “Clone Wars” season finale episodes aired, as the seasons for that series wrapped up in March as well.

No description has been released for the episode yet, but judging by the title and some comments made from the cast and crew of the show on social media, it’s probably safe to say we’re going to be in for an epic season finale that will no doubt get us pumped up for the season two premiere at Celebration Anaheim!

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