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New Clip From The Season 3 Premiere Featuring Bendu

USA Today has premiered a new clip from next week’s “Star Wars Rebels” season three premiere, where we get a look at the character I’m most looking forward to seeing in the premiere, the Force being Bendu!

You can check out the new clip with Bendu and Kanan from USA Today in the video below.

USA Today also had an interview with Bendu’s voice actor Tom Banker, which you can check out a portion of below:
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Q: What does the Bendu add to the Star Wars saga? 

A: The Bendu is described as a “life force,” which is something we haven’t really seen before in Star Wars. He’s not the dark side or the light — he’s something greater. I’m quite flattered that (Rebels executive producer) Dave Filoni fancied me as a “life force” at the age of 82.

Q: What was the biggest appeal for playing the Bendu?

A: It all has to do with inexplicable power. I had a very religious upbringing — believing in angels, devils, divine forces and other worlds — so when it comes to playing a life force like Bendu, I can easily embrace in my imagination all those thoughts I have from my past. My fate is guided, of course, by the script writers, but I try to record on days when I believe in fabulous forces.


You can check out the full interview with Tom Baker over at USA Today, and be sure not to miss the season three premiere of “Star Wars Rebels” when it airs on Saturday, September 24th!

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