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Mark Hamill Talks Episode VII At A Special Return Of The Jedi Screening

After a special screening of Return of the Jedi yesterday for Entertainment Weekly’s CapeTown Film Festival, Mark Hamill made a surprise appearance and took part in an audience Q&A, where he briefly talks about the meeting he had regarding Episode VII!  Here’s what he had to say:

[blockquote cite=]“I don’t even think I believed that the third trilogy would feature us. I thought it would be all different characters. To my knowledge, we were just going to do a beginning, a middle and an end [in the original trilogy] and it was over.”

“I’ve only had one creative meeting about the new films, but I do remember saying, ‘We’ve got to find a proper balance between CGI and old school FX.”

“That’s what the challenge is, is to try and meet expectations of what you guys want. I think there’s nothing wrong with CGI, but I think you have to have a balance, because the camera perceives the width and the depth and the weight – even if it’s a miniature model, the camera just realizes that. So when you have too much CGI and the clouds are CGI and the trees are CGI and the buildings are CGI, you’re getting to a point where the figure in the shot is like a hybrid of an animated film and live-action. And I want it to have an organic look so that we don’t get into Roger Rabbit territory. But I don’t imagine that the priority is what I want!”[/blockquote]

You can check out the full recap of the Q&A with Mark Hamill in the link below.

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