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James Arnold Taylor’s First Book JAT 365 Is Now Available And You Can Order Autographed Copies!

James Arnold Taylor, the brilliant voice actor for Obi Wan Kenobi on Clone Wars and many other great characters, has put out his first book called, JAT 365. You can check out the details about James’ new book in the trailer above, as well as information on how you can get an autographed copy! Below are more details on how you can get the book:
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James Arnold Taylor’s first book, JAT 365: 365 Daily Inspirations for the Pursuit of Your Dreams, is now available to buy on, and!

 What is JAT 365 all about? James just released this video promo to tell you all about it! (and does so in various character voices we all know and love!)

 Fans can get autographed copies of the book, as well as, autographs of JAT on his new JAT Store that is now open! *Limited time special of buy 2 copies of JAT 365 for just $20 is going on now!

The Introduction to JAT 365 and first few pages can be found here:

 Order on CreateSpace:

Order on Amazon:

Order on James Website (Only place to get autographed copies and at discounted price!):


Aside from being a great voice actor, James Arnold Taylor is even a greater person, and is the perfect guy to write a book about being inspired on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t want to read words of inspiration from Obi Wan?

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