21 Dec. 2008

It’s HOTH COLD out there!

I’m a terrible, TERRIBLE podcast host.  Severe winter conditions are stopping me from having the time to get the next episode of Frontlines recorded…but I swear this, you will have it before Christmas Eve, if I have to hire a cadre of Bounty Hunters to stand at my computer desk and force me to record!  And what’s more, it’ll be a Special Christmas Episode!  That’s right, a Christmas themed episode!  Don’t worry though.  It’ll still have some news, and I’ll review the last two episodes of The Clone Wars, but the format will be a little different from normal.  Now if you’ll excuse, the temperature out there is dropping rapidly, and my friend is out in it…I sure hope my tauntaun doesn’t freeze…

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  1. yourbiggestfan says:

    your the best podcast host in the world!!!! don’t say you not. and they released the first game footage and TOR. by the way, we should all sign up and make a guild on the fourms of TOR and call us the FRONTLINE SOLDIERS or something.

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