23 Dec. 2008

Frontlines Episode 10 – A Very Special Christmas Episode

Join our host, Michael Cohen, in this very special Christmas episode, as he gives us the news, reviews that last two episodes of The Clone Wars for 2008, and entertains some very special guests.  All this and Christmas music too!

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  1. Allen L. says:

    Umm, shouldn’t a guy named Cohen be doing a Hanukkah episode???

    I’ll have to listen and find out…the Rancor-sized podcast is clogging my little old DSL line…

  2. yourbiggestfan says:

    GREAT EPISODE!!! love the music, and as alway, great hosting. Maybe when the show that is in between episode 3 and 4 comes out, you could make a podcast out of that one!!

  3. martin petrelli says:

    chahee-zahee, that is all

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