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Gary Whitta Writing A Star Wars Rebels Episode

Writer Gary Whitta has revealed in a tweet that he is currently writing an upcoming episode of “Star Wars Rebels.”


Gary Whitta is of course the writer first hired to write the “Rogue One” script before Chris Weitz took over earlier this year, and will no doubt cause speculation amongst us fans if the episode he is writing will connect with “Rogue One” in anyway, as we know both “Star Wars Rebels” and “Rogue One” are during the same time period.

No other info has been revealed about the episode, such as the title or even what season it will be in. It’s likely that it will probably be an episode for season three, as we know season two is well into production, and scripts for these episodes are written well in advance. And if it is for season 3, then that will be real close to when “Rogue One” premieres in 2016, adding more fuel to the “Rogue One” speculation fire!

Stay tuned for more details about this episode as soon as they get revealed .

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