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Dave Filonit Talks Darth Vader & Ahsoka Tano Plus New Figures Revealed!

After last night’s amazing “Star Wars Rebels” season finale, USA Today has posted two new articles talking about the return of Darth Vader & Ahsoka Tano to the series, where Dave Filoni and Ashley Eckstein share some interesting details about what we can expect from both characters going forward. But to go along with those articles, USA Today has also given us our first look at some new “Star Wars Rebels” action figures that hit store shelves this fall, which include figures of Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano!


Here’s a portion of what Dave had to say to USA Today about Vader and Ahsoka’s being brought into “Star Wars Rebels:”
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Prior to the original 1977 Star Wars film, Filoni says, Vader “is a character without remorse. He doesn’t care. He’s completely consumed by his hate. And I don’t believe there’s anything about him that would show that there’s another path for him other than his downfall.

“Vader right now is a force to be reckoned with, and an evil one at that.”

“She’s a person who has a lot of her own trials that she still needs to get through,” says Filoni, who sees Ahsoka in Rebels the same way he saw Alec Guinness’ Obi-Wan Kenobi when he was a kid watching Star Wars.

“Obi-Wan spoke about these Clone Wars and these things that had gone by, and she can be that in an active way for Ezra and Kanan.”

“But it’s not like she’s going to have a bunk on the Ghost anytime soon,” Filoni says. “She needs to remain kind of a mysterious figure who is woven in and out of the story.”


Be sure to check out the full interviews for both articles.

USA Today-Darth Vader

USA Today Ahsoka Tano


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